July 4 Petition Project!



To prevent electronic voting from coming to NYC, we have to contact three groups:


1. Commissioners, who will choose our future voting machines.

2. County Leaders, who designated the commissioners and may advise them what to choose.

3. City Council Members, who have influence and power -- and responsibility to the public! First, they participate in selecting the county leader. Second, if our NYC commissioners deadlock at 5 to 5, the State Board of Elections will make the decision for us Ė in that case City Council resolutions will be HIGHLY influential. Third, commissioners and county leaders are not elected by the people, so they donít have to listen to the public or meet with activists. But City Council Members, as elected officials, have responsibility to listen to us and voice our concerns!


July 4 Petition to Commissioners and County Leaders


City Council Members who need to be contacted


Background -- The Law


New York law now bans our lever machines as of September, 2007, and requires each county and New York City to choose new machines. Our law allows two choices:

        PBOS -- consists of paper ballots to be marked by hand (or by ballot-marking devices for voters with disabilities or minority languages), and optical scanner machines in each polling place to check each ballot for correctness before it is cast and to print a tally at the end of the election day.

        DREs -- consist of "Direct Recording Electronic" voting machines (computers) with a touchscreen or pushbuttons, and a tiny printer to print a receipt-like list of each voter's choices for the voter to verify before pressing "Cast My Ballot." The printout then goes into a secure storage box in the machine.


Background -- Two City Council Resolutions


        Res. 131 -- urges adoption of PBOS. Lead sponsor Charles Barron. 33 sponsors

        Res. 228 -- urges public tests before selection. Letís see it work before we fork over $100 million! Lead sponsor Robert Jackson.34 sponsors


Find your council member here or here or call the League of Women Voters, 212-725-3541††††††


Background -- More Info


More info


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July 25, 2006